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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 4, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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sean: tonight, bill clinton, and two hostages released from north korea. but what did america gives up? >> the most effective means of protecting american safety. sean: eric holder. $9 million in the lawyer's fees. that is a whole lot in ethics violations. >> i formally announce my candidacy for the united states presidency. sean: an investigation into the latest golden boy of the political machine. frank luntz, and much much more. "hannity" starts right now. and this is a fox news alert. the two journalists detained in north korea have been released. laura ling and euna lee were
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released by north korean dictator kim jong il. the pardon was announced just hours after former president bill clinton arrived in p'yongyang. the journalists are both employees of the cable television station current, which is owned by former vice president al gore, and they were charged with illegally entering north korea and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for their crime, but now, the ordeal is over, and the journalists are on routed back to the u.s. aboard president clinton's airplane. -- they are en route back to the united states. thanks for being with us. nobody is unhappy here that these journalists were released korea we are all happy about it. we have got to ask one question though -- these journalists were released. we are all happy about it. i cannot see that the president
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would go if the deal was not arranged ahead of time. >> yes. i have two questions. one, how did they get there in the first place? how did they get there? whose idea was it to send these young women into north korea? and i do not understand it al gore made the response, but ultimately, he is responsible, and the only question we have now is what was offered or what was said in response for it. sean: is it a fair question -- did america, the united states of america, potentially give up something that we may not find out about for some time? >> i guess i am a little bit perplexed. i am not sure that there is something wrong with the former president getting on the plane today and knew that there was a deal that was done and that they were going to be freed. i may be naïve in terms of diplomacy. i am not even in terms of diplomacy, but the way i look at this story, for all of the
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issues that have been associated with this a former president and the role he would play in this presidency -- >> he did the katrina release. he did this tsunami release. i think it is absolutely inappropriate. from the diplomacy side of things, kim jong il did not do this for nothing. it could be that kim jong-il is so worried about his own reputation in the world that he figured he had to do something, but now, he has got pictures of him and former president clinton that he can blast oliver his country to show that he has respect. -- he can blast all over his country to show that he has respect. sean: this comes perilously close to negotiating with terrorists, and it is a bad idea. we should try to avoid negotiating with rove states and terrorists, in general, and that this is encouraging that. >> it is a question that we have got to ask, but what do we know
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at this hour that has been negotiated? we do not know of anything specifically. right now, the former president of the united states took home two women, who were about to be sentenced to hard labor for 12 years. i understand that we do not like north korea. >sean: we know during the clinton years, we gave up many things. >> the administration had nothing to do with this. they made it crystal clear. when they went out, they made it clear it had nothing to do with them. as i said, i might be naïve about the diplomacy thing. frankly, i believe i am. but we might be reading too much into this. sean: you are in the white house. you were a press secretary. you were there during troubled times. the obama approval numbers are going down. if the stimulus has failed. people have turned against health care. so he goes out today and gives a
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birthday cake to helen thomas, and this is going to be the news in everyr it bothers me that kim jong il gets a chance to show that he is a good guy, and he has this picture with the ladies, and he has no regard for human life at all. sean: not at all. does it bother you that hillary clinton was not in this picture? well, why did not our secretary of state -- north korea had referred to hillary back on july 23 as "a little schoolgirl."
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that is the first time i have ever stumped you, alexis. >> yes, you did. i do not think she could have been there. sean: she is secretary of state. >> they are in a no-win situation. he is a former president of the united states. this says a lot more about kim jong il and the lawless country that he runs, and he is one a weird guy. for us, in america, it says that we care about our people. sean: i appreciate that, but i think there will be a lot of questions in the days to come. çwe have, which is your favorie topic, alexis, often at odds with me, but now we have two official cheese, geithner and sommers, talking about breaking a major pledge of barack obama -- two officialç chiefs. this recession, tax revenues are down 18 percent right now, the worst tax declined since world
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war ii, and in that sense, how does obama sell health care in this environment -- the worst tax decline since world war ii? >> i think geithner and summers went out to talk about that. they had to test the waters. this is reminiscent of clinton in 1992 and 1993. the same thing here. the president has obviously made a campaign promise. he intends to keep it. the costs that are rising on a daily basis, he may not get any choice but to do something with middle-class taxes, and, by the way, just because it is not middle-class taxes, it is happening to everything else, cigarettes, soda. >> and they were out to float a trial balloon, and it was cockielunkier than cash for clu.
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sean: here are to mature headlines. one is $2 trillion in debt since obama took office, and the other is that federal tax revenues are plummeting. so this fails, and so we are deficit, and now we are going to go to national health care, which is going to cost trillions, and i have to wonder if he is bankrupting the country, alexis, and how do we stop him from bankrupting the country? >>ç every area should be having town-hall meetings while they are in recess, because they have got to listen to the american people, because this will be the number-one determining factor. if republicans do not get on board, and top senate democrats are worried about that, it could mean a very turbulent year. >> i do not think health-care reform gets passed, because i think the movement against
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israel. sean: -- because the movement against it is real. it is real. sean: good to see you both. i am glad you helped on foreign policy tonight, alexis. and coming up, one of the president's top aides was in a youtuber video as she tries to defend the administration's health-care plan. -- in a youtube video. and later, a special "hannity" investigation into the man who wants to fill barack obama's senate seat. if you think rod blagojevich and roland burris have problems, wait until you see this. (announcer) that ball is going, going, gone!
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sean: senator max baucus announces being the president of >> he is so good. he just has it together. sean: we have much more on maestroç obama. ( chirp ) team three, boathouse? ( chirp ) oh yeah. his and hers. - ( crowd gasps ) - ( chirp ) van gogh? ( chirp ) even steven. - ( chirp ) mansion? - ( chirp ) good to go. ( grunts ) timber! ( chirp ) boss? what do we do with the shih-tzu? - ( chirp ) joint custody. - dog: phew... announcer: get work done now. communicate in less
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the next generation of brink's home security. call now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: and tonight in "your america," president obama is finding out that he can trot off the ones, but he cannot change the past. some statements he made are coming back to haunt him -- finding out that he cannot alter past ones. >> one of my jobs is to keep track abolish the disinformation out there about health-insurance reform, and there are a lot of deceiving headlights out there right now, such as this one. take a look at this one. this one says "uncovered video. obama shows how his health-care plan will eliminate private
9:14 pm
insurance." well, there is nothing further from the truth. there are people and are at it again. sean: "could not be further from the truth"? well, let's see about that. here is the video that she is referring to. >> but i do not think we can get rid of employer insurance immediately. i can envision one decade out or 15 years out or 20 years out. sean: there you have it. çbarack obama, on tape saying e prefers a single-payer system. frank luntz is back with us. frank, as always, a pretty revealing. what are your thoughts? >> i am listening to this --ç s always, a pretty revealing these people are messing with health care -- as always, a prettprett
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revealing. this is going to affect your relationship with your hospital, and it will affect your relationship with your doctor. by the way, you saw linda douglass. she said it twice. that is all you're going to hear from the white house, because all they're going to say is, "this is not going to affect your health care. this is not going to affect your relationship with your doctor. this is not going to affect your time." this is misleading poll-driven language to affect the american people, and this is wrong. sean: robert gibbs, the chief propagandist, today we referred to them as being manufactured, and there was a dnc communique that went out, singing republicans are citing an angry mobs from right-wing extremists funded by case street lobbyists
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-- by k street lobbyists. let's look at kathleen sebelius getting these responses from the crowd. >> when i look atç the health- care plan, i see nothing that is about health or about care. [cheers and applause] what i see is a bureaucratic nightmare, senator. medicare is broke. medicaid is broke. social security is broke. and you want us toç believe tht a government that cannot even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run, 1/7 of our economy. no, sir, no. sean: does that seem manufactured? like this was inciting an angry mob? is that a way to handle what is going on at these meetings? >> first of all, the language that was used, "the k street lobbyists," this is poll driv
9:17 pm
en. this is a battle between america and the washington, d.c., takeover of america. sean, do you realize that they're going to divert money intended for medicare to help pay for this health-care takeover? i think it seniors saw this, and i do a lot of work with seniors, and i respect their contribution to american society -- i think if seniors saw this -- sean: i want you to comment after this next group of tapes that i am going to show you, and they are poll tested. the insurance companies, as if the government is going to run it better. let's go to missouri,ç and important state in any election, a swing state. let's look at senator claire mccaskill and another -- and important state. >> -- an important state.
9:18 pm
>>ç the surplus. [heckling] it is important today, it is important that we -- >> nancy pelosi, harry reid, and the rest of the people in congress, are they going to be willing to be on the same plan they are asking us to be on? sean: listen to those crowds. "angry mobs"? "manufactured"? what are your thoughts. >> i think it is organic, and i do want to make this point, and this is important. these are our electorates officials, and i think it is important that we treat them with respect and dignity -- these are our elected officials. this is important.
9:19 pm
we're going to be bringing something to you next week from our focus group. i hear that anger. but if it is an elected official, even if we disagree with them, i think we should treat them with respect and dignity. sean: i agree, but how about the dnc saying about the people showingç up our "kendry" -- are "angry"? is that manufactured? or is this real passion that people have? how about the respect for the people? >> sean, you are right. this is a real passion. we see it and all of the polling. we see that gzjáñ is the obama support dropping, but the intensity of the opposition is increasing, so the people do feel passionately. there is a better way to express it band shouting down congress. sean: let's roll this tape. >> just say no!
9:20 pm
just say no! just say no! sean all right, "just say no!" "yes, we can." this is like right out of the democratic playbook. >> the republic is objecting the components of this health-care reform. while they still in braze health-care reform, they do not like the specifics. -- while they still embrace health-care reform, they do not like the specifics. sean: all right, frank let's, we appreciate it. and coming up, the attorney general says putting criminals behind bars is getting too expensive -- frank lutz, we appreciate it.
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sean: and tonight on "hannity's america," the obama administration will spend your money freely on everything from dinkey airports to grab trapping whether it will pinch pennies when it comes to law enforcement. according to eric holder, in jail is too expensive, and there are other, cheaper ways -- and jail is too expensive. oh, really? >> spending on prisons continues to rise. this is unsustainable economically. many jurisdictions simply cannot afford the monitor costs of focusing exclusively on incarceration to say nothing of the social costs associated with
9:26 pm
high rates of imprisonment. sean: , all right, so when does this administration care about debate sustainable economic policies"? how about taking some of that money and keeping violent criminals behind bars -- so when does this administration care about "sustainable economic policies to"? remember the schu bomber? he is serving a life sentenceç in colorado is -- remember they shoe bomber, richard reid? t(s annual review. that means he is back in the general population. that means he is now allowed to receive phone calls. it sounds like the attorney- general willie has a good grasp on what it takes to keep this country safe. -- really has a good grasp.
9:27 pm
all right, members of the obamamania media continued to flock to their leader. the 13th journalist to join the obama administration. television reporter roberta baskin has decided to own up to her true political situation joining the health and human services in august. she worked for is a cliche 20/20 -- "20/20." many are now represented in the obama administration. by the way, when is my job offer coming? and just last week, president obama invited some of the country's most successful ceo's at the white house. now, oddly, they were asked to provide their credit-card numbers before they arise. as it turns out, they were billed for their mead @ll with
9:28 pm
the commander in chief -- before they arrived. that was really classy. i do not think that isç what hospitality is all about it. it turns out that guests were treated to lunch at the bush white house, but get this. the bush administration was so careful about appearing buddy buddy with corporate america that politico could not find an administration official who recalls bush or lunching with a single ceo at the white house. that is ever. that is changing you can believe in, folks. there it is. with charlie rangel, you cannot believe how much she is shelling out in lawyer's fees as a result of all of the ethics investigations against him -- how much he is shelling out.
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protect your home with flood insurance. call the number on your screen... for your free brochure. sean: these are tough times for charlie rangel. he has hit the $1 million market and lawyers fees as a result of various ethics investigations into his failureç to pay taxesn a village in the dominican republic and suspicious trips he has taken to the caribbean -- to pay on a villa.
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sean: all right, we'll certainly learned about the ugly side of chicago politics in the last year, the roland burris and rod
9:33 pm
blagojevich is paid to play -- pay to play scandal, but it seems that someone is running for the senate seat that president obama once held, the latest protege. let's take a look. >> today, i am pleased to announce my candidacy for the senate seat once held by my friend. sean: it looks like the chicago political machine is turningç t another questionable candidates in illinois. he is a, quote, a friend of obama's. he was once considered such a problem that his name was mentionedç with slumlord tony rezko in jeremiah wright. he was born to a greek immigrants and raised in chicago. his parents started the broadway bank, and very successful chain of banks, in the chicagoland area. -- a very successful chain. >> he was the vice president of
9:34 pm
the bank. got his master's from the university of chicago in business administration. about the same time, barack obama was teaching law at the university of chicago, and they met each other there. he actually played professional basketball in greece for several years. sean: using these reservations -- relationships to the president's advantage. >> he was very much and no player in helping barack obama get seed money for his 2004 u.s. seed raids -- he was very much a player in helping barack obama get seed money for his 2004 u.s. seat race. this was a good factor in helping obama when that 2004 u.s. senate race. >> thank you. >> -- to win in that 2004 u.s. senate race. just 30 years old, with the
9:35 pm
backing of his good friend barack obama, he ran for straight treasurer, a position that people in the downstate position of springfield had already slated to be filled. >> that rankled some of the party leaders. they were not looking for a democratic primary, but he got in, with a commercial with barack obama endorsing in, and his endorsement was crucial for him to win that primary. >> he is one of the most outstanding it young men that i could ever hope to meet. he is somejoey that cares deeply about people. he got that from his family. the really embody american dream. >> i think is fair to say that by using obama was a very big factor in him becoming the youngest state treasurer in the country at that point. sean: but during the campaign, some troubling things came back to haunt him. >> the bank had given out some
9:36 pm
loans with ties to organized crime, tony rezko, later indicted for influence-peddling and the blagojevich administration. >> he learneoaned money twice ta man convicted of crimes. there was a condominium project that was never built, but despite, he became treasurer, and to no one's surprise, he was one of the first people to give money to barack obama's presidential campaign. during his first term as treasurer, he has left many people wondering where their money went. >> a number of details about prepaid college tuition funds. one of the things that he did when he got into office is change the management of that fund and also try to streamline
9:37 pm
it. but at the same time, late in his first term as treasurer, it was discovered that one of the 529 funds managed by oppenheimer was heavily invested in mortgage-backed securities. that fund alone lost an estimated $85 million. sean:ç but he said he had no ia that the taxpayers' money had been put in such a risky funds, although many people point out that he was the one who streamlined the whole project in the first place. >> the talk about the lost $85 million, he had spent roughly $26 million to buy an suv for the illinois state treasurer's office. there were no records as to who was using the suv or where it went or really why it was used. sean: so far, there are questionable relationships with mobsters and is the least experienced since is basketball
9:38 pm
buddy ran for senate years ago, but he is still relying on his relationship, yes, with the king of chicago politics to pull him form -- 3. >> when you hear him speak, there is always a reference to the role he has played in his life. >> he had this to say. the president and i will be just fine. we are excited about this. sean: but he may have gotten more than he has bargained for. he is running against an experienced republican with a state population that wants to distance themselves from the contribution and scandals of burris. >> i think you're going to see the spotlight intensified greatly on him. you do have the obama in play here. you have the fact that he is 33 years old and is really that new generation of type of message out there. you know, running for illinois state treasurer is one thing.
9:39 pm
running to join the world's most exclusive club of 100 is sean: and there you have it, folks, chicago politics at its finest, and do not let your heart be trouble. the great, great american panel straight ahead.
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sean: and tonight on our great american panel, he worked with dick gephardt, prague of it, part of the media team, which is çnot part, because they love h. steve murphy is back with us -- part of it. there is the best-selling author of "promises i made my mom," sam haskelç is with us, and star parker is back. guys, good to see you -- sam
9:44 pm
haskell. we are not going to hear about all of these senators and congressmaen getting booed, the following obama numbers. what we're going to hear is about clinton. it had to be predetermined. it is a good thing. we are glad they are free. thank god. i mean that, sincerely. >> i mean that sincerely, too, but let's think about this. we saw daniel pearl. this is an administration that believes we can negotiate with dictators and terrorists, so we sought daniel pearl kidnapped by terrorists, and we heard nothing froiú!ill clinton. he got killed, and we heard nothing from bill clinton, and now, he goes over there when his
9:45 pm
wife is secretary of state, and for them to say that they knew nothing about this, this is problematic. sean: there is aç question. did america give up something here, and i think, does this, , as john bolton say, compares the close to negotiating with terrorists or a rogue nation -- i think, does this come, as john bolton say, come close to negotiating with terrorists? >> i come from the school that things, you know, yee is a 3- year-old acting out for whatever reason, -- he is a 3-year-old. yes, it is great that we got the two girls back, but he got what he wanted, too. >> he is not a 3-year-old. he is someone who hates us. >> the situation about these two
9:46 pm
women who were kidnapped, arrested, that is part of his acting out. >> let's just talk about for one moment that we are talkingç abt the same president who legitimized arafat. now, he has gone into north korea and has legitimized kim jong il. this is not a 3-year-old. this is serious business that he has injected himself into once again. >> i think is good that ms. ling and ms. lee are back. they were going to be incarcerated for 12 years for whatever is they were accused of doing, and now they are coming back, with the former president standing at the top of the airplane, welcoming them with open arms. something was given here. i want to know what it is. >> this is not just a situation of us and the north koreans, and that is china, who feeds in
9:47 pm
north korea, and they are our biggest -- they are on our side in this. star, i agree with you. bill clinton should not have gone there. sean: why? >> because it gives kim the attention he wants. it strengthens them internally, and externally. i hate to say that we should have left two young women over there in prison -- >> his wifgç is secretary of state, so this is diplomatic business. it is a problem. actually, he undermined her efforts. sean: are we encouraging his bad behavior? this is one of my problems when bill clinton was inç office wih madeleine albright. they would give kim jong il money and financial incentives for nuclear reactors, and the only thing we extracted in the exchange is the promise that they would be good, and they were never good. they pursued their nuclear
9:48 pm
ambitions, so are we encouraging this, i guess, is the main question, and you are saying yes, as a democrat. you surprise me, tom. >> i do not think we should be appeasing, placating rogan nations that have nuclear- weapons and are developing nuclear weapons -- placating rogan nations -- rogaue nations. i would not at any public dealings with the guy. >> remember, you are talking about an administration this as they are willing to sit down with anybody. they have already set the stage that terrorists, dictators, it does not matter. we are happy. >> something more than a promise. >> the only precondition for negotiations is a good faith intention on the part of the other party. korea. we know that now. sean: sam is right, and this was
9:49 pm
what did we give up in exchange? when will we find out? when will the american people get to the truth about what happened behind the scenes? >> you are missing the point. our former president went and sat down with that net job. sean: you do not think that there was a deal on the table -- that nut job. >> in high 80 -- haiti, honduras -- >> he knew he was going to bring those girls home. >> absolutely. that was the deal. sean: and is not good for america. >> i do not think so, no. sean: if it was your daughter or sister, like liza ling, i would want them home. -- lisa ling. >> i am not sure you can pursue this in this fashion. >> it should have done this
9:50 pm
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sean: and we continue now with our great, great american panel. all right, now, these democrats are going home, and they are getting the living daylights beat out of them by their constituents, and this is organized, and now, they are bitter americans, angry, mob like. they put that out. how stupid is that? >> now, we use the internet to get their allies out, and people do not like it. freedom, notç forced -- get thr
9:55 pm
lives -- lies out. sean: there was a congressman in long island who was confronted by a veteran who said, "have you ever beenç to m&a veteran hospital?" and this was an angry mob -- heavy ever been to a v.a. hospital?" -- have you ever been?" >> barack obama is the antichrist, from kenya, and his health-care program is against america by killing all the senior citizens. sean: what they said is, quote, republicans and their groups, are in citing angry mobs of " right-wing extremists. i see little old ladies taking on claire mccaskill and arlen specter and congressman carnahan and congressman bishop and kathleen sebelius, and they are going to refer to them as a mob? you do not think that is bad
9:56 pm
p.r.? >> caring about two things, the costs of this and personal choice. and i believe that both are going to cause a lot more debate, and when you talk about angry mobs, you have got all of these people going in with their nancy pelosi checkpoint list, try to teach their constituents what this plan is all about. people do not understand it. daycare much more about getting jobs than they do the point by point by point messages they are getting -- they care more about getting jobs. >> you areç talking about very personal decisions. that is that. >> health care as the price of big business. that would help the economy. >> you remove barriers. you do not put new ones in place. the government should not be in
9:57 pm
çthe health-care industry in te first place. sean carroll hey, star. >> where it is the peacemaker -- sean: hey, star. >> where is the peacemaker? who is going to step up and make it bipartisan, bring people together? sean: the president, we showed on the tape tonight, he wants to eliminate employer health benefits. he says he supports a single- payer system. on a call with bloggers, the president of the united states, they are talking about a nuclear option, he and harry reid and chuck schumer, that whether or not they can get it, they will use reconciliation to pass this bill. now, that sounds like there are ramming it down america's the road. >> -- america's roads. >> there is nothing bipartisan about this -- america's throat.
9:58 pm
what they are doing is trying to get people to buy something they do not want. that is one reason why there are trying to do it so quickly. -- they are trying to do it so quickly. they do not want it taken away, so they are having to talk about what this really means. we have already seen socialized medicine in this country. it is a lie to say this has nothing to do with socialism. we have medicaid. we do not have to go to canada. we do not have to go to cuba. we do not have to go to britain. we can go to any inner-city in this country. ç>> in the emergency rooms. >> if we got rid of medicaid and -- poor people. cockburn has a bill, demint has a bill, but even the president çhas a bill -- coburn has a bi.
9:59 pm
you should be able to cross state lines. >> medicaid reimbursements. >> we are talking about taxes. >> i think your viewers want to know who is driving the car. is it nancy reed, or is it president obama. >> it is not obama. that is not what he was elected to do. >> that is not true. they connected this all the way back to the new deal. then you have the great society. they really believe they should micromanage other people's lives. they really believe that. they do not believe in freedom. sean: they do not believe in freedom, because they know best. >> the biggest expansion in american health care. the republicans did. medicare part b. sean: we have got to run. that is, ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for being here,
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